Refrigerated Display Case Issues: Troubleshooting Common Problems

When your retail operation relies on refrigerated display cases for some of your products, you depend on those cases to function properly at all times. Unfortunately, even with routine maintenance, refrigerated display cases can malfunction. Here's a look at some of the common problems you might encounter with your units and some tips to deal with the problems.

Fogging Display Glass

Some fogging or condensation is expected on the glass of any display case because of the change in temperature exposure when you open the door. It's warmer in the room than it is in the cooler, and the contrast causes condensation issues when the door is opened. However, if you're noticing issues with fogging and condensation even when the doors haven't been opened, or it's getting worse than usual, the unit may be malfunctioning.

Make sure that the ambient temperature in the room is no higher than the mid-70's and you're running a dehumidifier. This helps to minimize the effort that the display case has to maintain for keeping things cool. 

If that's not the problem, the air inlets or vents may be blocked. Make sure nothing is around the case that could inhibit airflow. Finally, you may need to reach out to a repair technician to check the cooler's fan system and replace any malfunctioning components.

Condensate Leaks

The display cases should be fitted with a condensate drain pan as well as a pump to eliminate any condensation that results from the cooling process. Unfortunately, sometimes the drain pan gets plugged, or the pump malfunctions. This often results in condensation dripping and pooling around the case. If you start seeing water accumulate on the floor, you'll need to reach out to a contractor for repairs. He or she may need to clear the drain pan and eliminate the clog or potentially replace a malfunctioning condensate pump.

Failure To Cool

You should keep a thermometer in the coolers at all times so that you can monitor the internal temperature. This is essential for food safety purposes. If you've found that your display case isn't maintaining the proper temperature and is running warm, that's a cause for concern.

This may be the result of condenser coil malfunctions, fan failures, poor door seals, and a variety of other potential issues. If your display case isn't cooling the way that it should, it's important to talk with a repair technician as soon as possible to isolate the cause. He or she can replace the malfunctioning component and restore the system's operation.

For more information about case parts, contact a local business near you.

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