A Bad Evaporator Fan Might Be Why Your Freezer Isn't Cold Enough

If your freezer isn't keeping your food as cold as it should, the problem might be with the evaporator fan. The fan blows cold air through the freezer, and if it isn't working, your freezer won't stay cold enough, and your food might be ruined. Here are some things to check before calling an appliance repair service, and how the repair technician might deal with evaporator fan problems.

Things To Check Before Calling For Help

Several things can cause a freezer to malfunction. Some problems you can fix yourself and others require the help of an appliance repair service. Check the condenser coils, and if they're dusty, clean them off. If the coils are dirty, your freezer won't be able to get as cold as it should.

Also, check the inside for ice buildup. You may need to defrost the freezer to get it working right again. In addition, make sure your freezer isn't so packed with food that air can't circulate around the freezer and chill the space appropriately.

The Repair Technician Can Uncover The Problem

The evaporator fan is located in the very back of the freezer behind the panel, so it's difficult to reach. The appliance repair technician might rule out simple problems before taking your freezer apart. This may include things like checking the seal around the door or testing the thermostat.

Sometimes, the fan makes noises that help the repair technician identify whether the problem is with the fan or the fan motor. Since the motor shouldn't run when the door is open, the appliance technician can test the fan by opening the door and depressing the door switch to see if the motor comes on. If it doesn't, that's a sign the motor is bad.

A Bad Fan Or Bad Motor Can Be Replaced

The problem with the motor can be verified once the freezer is taken apart and the motor and fan are removed. First, everything must be taken out of the freezer, including the shelves, baskets, and the ice maker. Then, the back panel inside the freezer has to be removed to expose the evaporator and fan housing, which holds the fan blades and motor.

If a blade is bent or damaged, the fan blades can be replaced by pulling out the old blades and snapping on new ones. Damaged blades can cause the motor to burn out, so the repair tech will probably test the motor with a multimeter to see if it needs to be replaced too.

The motor is freed from the housing by removing screws and disconnecting the wiring. A new motor can be put in the same place, secured with screws, and attached to the wiring. Once the repair tech has verified the fan and motor are both in good shape, the housing is ready to return to the freezer, and the freezer can be put back together and tested for proper operation.

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