Three Dishwasher Features That Can Save You Time

One of the reasons that many people use dishwashers is to save time. When you have a lot of dishes and other items to wash and dry, it's often a better use of your time to load the dishes into your machine instead of standing at the sink and dealing with each one individually. While the presence of a dishwasher in your home is a time-saver, it's important to know that buying the right machine can help you to save even more time. As you're evaluating different models, try to buy a model that includes these time-saving features.

Smudge-Free Exterior

When you're cleaning your kitchen, you should make sure that the front of your dishwasher looks pristine. If you have children, the door of this appliance can often become covered in fingerprints and other smudges, and you may find that removing these marks takes a considerable amount of time. This investment of time won't be an issue when you buy a machine that has a smudge-free exterior. These machines are highly resistant to children's fingers and other types of marks, which means that you'll be able to wipe the door clean quickly and easily or skip cleaning it entirely.

Extended Drying Function

For people who are short on time, it's extremely frustrating to remove clean items from the dishwasher and notice that many of them are still wet. This often means that you'll need to dry some of these items by hand, which can waste your valuable time. You can lower the risk of this problem by buying an appliance that has an extended drying function. Giving a particular load more time to dry means that when the cycle ends and you open the machine's door, you'll be able to put each dish, glass, and piece of cutlery away immediately.

Express Cycle

The full washing and drying cycle of some dishwashers can be lengthy, which may occasionally pose a challenge if you need clean dishes quickly. Look for a model that has an express cycle—for example, a cycle that gets the job done in 60 minutes or less. Using this setting will wash and dry everything much faster than a conventional cycle, which is often adequate when your dishes and other items aren't overly dirty. Whether you're waiting for the cycle to complete so that you can put the dishes away before you go to bed or you have guests coming and you need your dishes clean in short order, this is a cycle that will save time for you.

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