Common Exterior Traits Of A Retro Fridge

There are many reasons that you might need to shop at your local appliance store, including buying different types of large appliances. One example is a refrigerator. While you almost certainly already have a working fridge in your kitchen, you may have a need to shop for a second one. While doing so, it's advantageous to take note of the many different styles of fridges that your local store has available. One style is a retro fridge, which may catch your eye. You may favor this fridge for your basement, for your man cave/she shed, or even for your cottage. On the inside, retro fridges are largely similar to contemporary models. The exterior, however, is a different story. Here are some common traits of retro fridges.

Smaller Size

You'll find that many retro fridges are smaller in size than their present-day counterparts. This may make them a less-than-ideal choice for a home's main fridge — especially for large families — but perfect as a secondary fridge. Its smaller size means that you shouldn't have trouble fitting a retro fridge into a smaller space, as well as transporting it to the basement if you wish — something that can be challenging with a larger model.

Bright Color

Contemporary fridges come in several colors, but many of these options tend to be muted. For example, in addition to white and black, there are a few shades of stainless steel. A major defining trait of retro fridges is that they almost always have a bright color. Red, blue, green, orange, and other colors — often pastel variations — are common for this type of appliance. The vibrant color will give the retro fridge a fun appearance that helps it to stand out in any room.

Rounded Corners

While contemporary fridges can vary in design from model to model, you'll normally find that they have a rectangular shape with square corners. This modern look complements many peoples' kitchens. The look of a retro fridge's corners is often different, however. On many models, you'll notice rounded corners — a design feature that gives this appliance a softer, more unique appearance. On some models, the top of the fridge is slightly domed, too, rather than completely flat. If you like the look of these exterior design features and you feel that a retro fridge would have value in your home or cottage, visit a local appliance store to evaluate the different models.

If you're looking for a retro fridge for your kitchen, contact your local appliance store today.

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