Commonly Damaged Supermarket Refrigeration Case Parts

Any supermarket manager could tell you that damage to shelves, refrigerators, and freezers is simply a fact of life in a busy store. Although most customers don't mean to cause harm to the infrastructure of the store, it's only a matter of time before someone drops heavy merchandise, trips into a refrigerator case, or loses control of a full shopping cart. If you want to keep your store in tip-top shape, here are some commonly damaged refrigeration case parts to keep in stock.


All refrigeration cases rely on shelves to keep goods organized and to provide enough airflow to ensure even cooling throughout the unit. Most commercial refrigerator shelves are made of coated metal wire. Although these shelves can handle day-in-day-out use, the kind of beating they can get in a busy supermarket can wear them out faster. If you notice bent or broken shelves, it's important to replace them as soon as possible to ensure merchandise is secure and well organized. Keeping a few backup shelves on hand is never a bad idea.


If your store's refrigerator cases include doors, then you will want to keep some extra hinge parts around. Supermarket fridges are opened and closed frequently throughout the day, so their hinges wear out faster than those on fridges in homes or other commercial establishments. If you don't check the hinges frequently, screws can come loose and throw the door out of alignment. For very old refrigerator cases, total hinge replacement may save you the hassle of dealing with loose screws, squeaky hinges, or doors that don't naturally swing shut.

Clips and Labels

Labeling all of your goods with names, prices, and bar codes is vital to keeping your customers informed and your supermarket completely organized. Unfortunately, labels are often broken as well-meaning customers drag items out of refrigerator cases. In order to keep your organizational system complete, it's important to keep extra label clips on hand along with a label maker. Keeping your supermarket organized will improve your professional appearance and keep your customers coming back.

There are many other refrigerator parts that you may want to keep in stock, depending on the issues you experience with your fridges. To learn more about supermarket refrigeration case parts, contact a commercial refrigerator parts dealer in your area. They can make sure the back-up parts you buy are the perfect match for your store's refrigerators so you can replace damaged parts without hassle.

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